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Password Crackers, Inc. will not and cannot recover passwords for accounts at America Online®, Yahoo®, Hotmail®, other dial-up email accounts or websites. If you have legitimately lost your password to one of these services you need to contact the service provider to recover it. Please do not call or email us regarding these issues.


As our homepage mentions, we are not hackers and will not engage in any illegal activity to recover passwords. We work exclusively on behalf of legitimate users who require password recovery services for their own files and/or accounts. Our standard agreement, required for each client, makes this clear.


There are a number of reasons why we do not perform these services (and why you should be skeptical of anyone who says they do.)


First, since we cannot independently verify the true owners of America Online® accounts and screen names, Yahoo®, Hotmail® or other dial-up email accounts we cannot perform password recovery services for these accounts.


Second, since AOL®, Yahoo® and Hotmail® and almost all other on-line services are willing to help their legitimate account holders recover their passwords, there should be no requirement for account holders to contact an outside service such as ours to recover passwords. We understand that often these services require access to an email account that was used when the registration was created or knowledge of private information such as a secret question response. We recognize that if a legitimate user no longer has access to the original email account that they may not be able to use the password recovery method provided by the service, but we cannot help with this.


Third, actually hacking into the servers of AOL®, Yahoo® or Hotmail® is illegal and and brute-force attacking the password is completely impractical. It is likely that these services use some type of IDS (Intrusion Detection System) and that your activity will be logged and shut down long before you are successful at recovering your password. Attempting a brute-force attack on these systems is like sending an engraved invitation to the FBI to arrest you (which is far more likely to occur than getting your password back.) If we gave you software which automated this attack it would take 200,000 years before you even had a small chance of recovering the password.


Account holders who have forgotten their own AOL® passwords should contact an AOL® Screen Name/Password Representative at 1-888-265-8004 (US) or 1-888-265-6304 (Canada). For security reasons, they will need to verify the account information. You should have the following information ready before calling:

  1. Checkbook or credit card for account from which AOL account charges are deducted
  2. AOL screen name
  3. Address

Account holders of Yahoo® and Hotmail® accounts who have lost or forgotten their passwords should contact their service providers for assistance.


We occasionally hear from people who say that their accounts have been hacked and they now need to get their password back. Usually these people no longer have access to the original email account used to create their account or they lied about their secret question so they cannot use these methods to recover their passwords. If someone is using techniques to hack accounts, why can't these techniques be used to recover a password? We describe some of the attacks against AOL®, Yahoo®, Hotmail® or other on-line providers in detail in our Article "How to Hack AOL®, Yahoo® or Hotmail®."


Password Crackers, Inc. does offer an America Online (AOL)® Personal Filing Cabinet (.pfc) conversion service. We can convert AOL® Personal Filing Cabinets (.pfc) to either Netscape®, Microsoft Outlook® (.pst) or text (.txt) formats. You can get more information about this service here.


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