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Password recovery services, lost password, forgotten password, Word, Excel, Access, Zip, Outlook, Wordperfect, 1-2-3, and many others.PASSWORD CRACKERS STANDARD AGREEMENT

Before we will begin password recovery work we require each of our clients to complete our standard agreement below. We are not hackers and will not break the law or violate software license agreements. To complete the agreement, fill-in the required information below and read the entire agreement carefully. Then submit this form. Please complete this form only if you would like us to attempt password recovery work for you. Otherwise please use our comments form. Information with a red * is required.


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By submitting this form I affirm that the submitted information is true and correct in all respects, that I have read the agreement below and agree to its terms.


I affirm that I am the legal owner of all files and data that will be sent for password or security recovery work and that I have the legal right to access all data, information and files therein. I further attest that the recovered data, passwords and/or files will not be used for any illegal purpose. I further attest that by Password Crackers, Inc. providing recovery or security services they are not participating in any illegal activity.


I agree to pay the mutually agreed upon fees upon satisfactory completion of the described work.


Password Crackers, Inc. agrees to keep all submitted information, files, and data strictly confidential and will not release any information, files or data to third parties. Reasonable measures will be taken to safeguard and protect data while in possession of Password Crackers, Inc. and to verify the identity of individuals to whom this data is released. Data, files and information in the possession of Password Crackers, Inc. will be destroyed upon completion of described work to the satisfaction of the client or at the client’s direction.



Please read our instructions before sending files or payments.


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