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More information about BIOS passwords is available on the BIOS Passwords page. To view chips for a particular manufacturer, click on the manufacturer link above.


Most laptop or notebook computers feature enhanced security. Password Crackers, Inc. offers a wide range of laptop security chips that can be used to replace the existing chips on a laptop or notebook and reset the security. Passwords can also be recovered from chips that have been removed from laptop or notebook systems. These passwords may be required to attempt to unlock protected hard disks. Passwords recovered from these chips are the original BIOS passwords and may be the same as the hard disk password, but are not guaranteed to be the same and may not unlock the hard disk. Chips sent in for our password recovery process are usually damaged in the process of recovering the passwords and are not returned, nor are they suitable to be replaced into a computer. The password recovery service is only available to customers who have ordered a replacement chip. The password recovery service can be purchased when you order a chip and is $49.50 additional. We also have a hard disk unlocking service that can unlock a locked hard disk without the replacement or return of the security chip. These security chips require fine soldering and de-soldering from the laptop or notebook system board and as such we recommend that only a qualified technician attempt this work. If you do not have experience with this type of work, we suggest that you contact a local computer or VCR repair shop. We do not perform this work or recommend vendors who do. These chips are not manufactured by the laptop manufacturer and are not authorized by the manufacturer. As such, use of these chips may void the hardware warranty. Password Crackers, Inc. accepts no liability for the use of these chips and related products and requires that all customers complete a limitation of liability waiver prior to fulfilling any order for these products. Most laptop systems require different chips and the chips are not interchangeable. Each chip comes with complete detailed instructions. Password Crackers, Inc. takes no responsbility for damage to boards, chips, computers or data that may occur from the use of these chips.


To order a product, just click on the product description. Maryland state residents will have appropriate sales tax added to their orders. All customers must complete our Limitation of Liability Waiver prior to us shipping any orders. All prices include shipping. Orders will be shipped in 1-2 days via USPS First-Class or (for international orders) USPS First-Class International. If you have any questions, please contact us at pwcrack@pwcrack.com


  HiNote 450, 475   Security Chip - $24.25   Security Chip w/Password Recovery Service - $73.75
  HiNote Ultra 2000   Security Chip - $24.25   Security Chip w/Password Recovery Service - $73.75
  HiNote Ultra II   Security Chip - $24.25   Security Chip w/Password Recovery Service - $73.75


For more information call us at 301-980-0501 or email us at: pwcrack@pwcrack.com


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